Terms of Service (Webshop to App)

Terms of Service
- Webshop to App

1. After the order has been submitted, we are taking a strict look at the webshop. If your online store is aesthetically and functionally suitable for our brand, we make the invoice for you with the specified datas in the order. If we find the webshop not well functioned, we will notify you and reject the order!
(You can try always later, after your site has been improved.)

2. Consent to the sharing of the following datas of the given webshop, which are only necessary to carry out the work processes: logo, product images, web account - access with environment of developer layers.

3. Our work process includes requesting feedback (email or phone or video call) about the graphic elements what are needed to upload to the makretplaces in order of to get the work done. Maintaining a response time within 3 work days (via phone or email or video call).

4. It is no longer possible to cancel an order after the invoice has been paid.

5. Payment of the invoice is due within 24 hours.

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